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The W Group Fitness Schedule (PDF) 2018

Group Fitness Evaluation | Specialty Classes & Programs

Fitness Area Orientation
Need assistance learning the machines? Need guidance on a basic workout plan? Let us help teach you the equipment in the Fitness Area, whether you need full instruction or a review. Schedule an appointment with La Toshia Burrell, Assistant Director of the W: Group Fitness and Personal Training at or 319-352-8715.

Aerobics Room Classes
(Class locations may vary based on events & posted at front desk)

***Denotes Senior Level Fitness Classes Offered

Freshman 15 NEW!!
This student led class will be instructed by our very own student’s from the fitness management major and is FREE to all W members, faculty/staff, and students! This class will provide a variety of exercises ranging, but not limited to, strength, core, yoga, and cycling to give you a full body workout. The variety of classes offered during this time will keep you motivated to lose that ‘Freshman 15!’ A schedule will be posted so you can plan ahead for the type of training to be expected. This fitness class held during campus community hour to avoid any excuses on attendance! Help spread the word and support our student instructors!

Body Blast  
Want to kick-start your day off with a blast? Let us take you through this highly motivated workout to help you reach your exercise goals! This class combines the benefits of a cardio workout, strength training, and flexibility into a well-rounded fitness class.

Barre Burner NEW!
Feel the burn in this ballet inspired fitness class sculpting muscles from head to toe.  Isometric movements using hand weights and resistance balls target legs, glutes, abs and arms while also utilizing the TRX for a total body workout.

Cardio Dance 
A combination of choreographed dance steps and muscle-toning moves create one high-energy workout! In addition to this class, we will be adding a strength and toning portion to heighten your experience. Don’t worry—dance experience isn’t necessary.

Hard Core (30 min) NEW!
Looking for a quick upbeat workout that focuses primarily on your core stabilizing muscles? Look no further in this 30 minute class targeting every angle of your abdominals, glutes, inner thighs, and more! This class will provide a high intensity workout of the core- great for a warm up or a final finish from your workout! 

Low-Impact Combo
This class is designed for the older individual who prefers to work at a lower intensity and/or the participant who is just getting started in an exercise program.

"No Floor" Yoga ***
"This 40-minute yoga class uses seated and standing positions and chair support to increase flexibility, range of motion, muscular endurance, balance, and mobility. Participants will increase their total-body awareness through guided imagery and restorative breathing techniques that promote relaxation and mental clarity. Closed toe shoes are required for safety purposes. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Power Flow Yoga NEW!
This yoga class will present a positive challenge to your yoga experience. Combining strength along with the flow of various yoga poses, you will increase your yoga skillsets throughout the class ranging from multiple positions with added power.

Rest and Recover (R&R) NEW! ***
Take 30 minutes with us each week to pause, reflect, and stretch in our new rest and recover class. Enjoy utilizing foam rollers and massage sticks to help with myofascial release and increased mobility as well as deep breathing, flexibility and balance exercises! This class is for all fitness levels.

Tai-chi Beginner/Immediate ***
Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for health and body originating in ancient China. The essential principles include mind integrated with the body and control of movements and breathing. Tai Chi can be a moving meditation as well as an integral exercise for all parts of the body and mind. It offers tranquility, may help you think more clearly, and improve your balance. Tai Chi Beginner will introduce participants to Phase I movements and requires six months to a year of mastering prior to entering Tai Chi Intermediate class.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Are you looking for a yoga class to get your day started? This creative yoga practice will keep you energized as you learn to move in and out of poses with grace and strength.

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Yoga Stretch ***
Yoga stretch is for the individual who desires the flexibility, mental imagery, and relaxation most commonly associated with yoga. Allow this class to take you on a journey of the mind, body, and spirit!


Fieldhouse Classes
(Class locations may vary based on events & posted at front desk)

***Denotes Senior Level Fitness Classes Offered

Box Fusion
Whether you are just starting or a seasoned athlete, this high-intensity boxing circuit class, which fuses cardio, plyometric, and strength, can be modified to fit your needs. 

Body In Balance NEW!
This class aims to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility while also strengthening muscles. Utilizing a mixture of Pilates, yoga, and various stability exercises to increase equilibrium- one will enjoy bringing their body into balance.

B.Y.O.B.: Bring Your Own Baby NEW!
No daycare? No problem! Enjoy a variety of exercises for a full body workout designed for you and your baby in mind. Interaction with your child(ren) while working out can spark your inner youth and entertainment for your baby. This class will leave everyone healthier and wanting an afternoon nap! Children of all ages 6 months and up are welcome!

Circuit City
Keep your body guessing as this class takes you from one circuit to the next. If you like to explore, this is the class for you! Let us take you through a moderate to high-intensity workout with varying exercises and stations so you can prepare your body for your next vacation city destination.

Combo Cardio
This combination class incorporates both cardio and strength including but not limited to high/low step and kickboxing for a fun, highly motivated workout that keeps you moving! This class is for all fitness levels.

Forever Strong ***
This class will increase your strength for everyday quality of life with functional movements emphasizing core, postural awareness, and balance. Exercises and principles from TRX, yoga, and strength training will be used, as well as a variety of other equipment. This class is for all fitness levels.

Fusion Fit 
Fusion Fit will keep your body guessing with different exercises every class, including obstacle courses, weight lifting, Tabata and other high intensity interval training (HIIT) drills, partner work, Pilates, and more. This class is best for intermediate to advanced participants.

Hard Core: Pilates Mat (30 min) NEW!
Are you looking to obtain long, lean muscles while improving strength, flexibility, and stability? Then this class is for you! A blend of core work and Pilates will leave you feeling tight in energized in just 30 minutes!

Power Hour
Get the most bang for your buck with this high intensity course. Working at a moderate to high level of intensity, you will surely leave with your time well spent! A variety of exercises to increase strength and definition will include bursts of cardio and combination exercises to get your heart rate up; packing in a complete total body workout in one hour.

This class is sure to get you moving! Learn basic fundamentals of kickboxing to tone and tighten your body. Traditional aerobic kickboxing and the use of mitts and kickboxing bags will increase strength and overall cardiovascular health. This class will help you get the body you want while going through a high-intensity, high-motivation total body workout. This class is for all fitness levels.

Senior Body Toning ***
Tone your muscles and increase your strength while using a variety of equipment. Participants will leave class feeling great, knowing they are creating a toned body! This class best suites the need of beginner fitness levels.

Walk-n-Talk ***
This all ages program meets Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m.-9 a.m., for walking and weekly blood pressure checks. Twice-a-month educational briefings focus on senior-related health concerns. $10 a month. Update 11.22.16 (Guest paying for unlimited classes may add Walk N Talk as a class, fee is $35/month for unlimited classes and includes Walk-n-Talk, Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m.-9 a.m.

Aquatics Classes
(Class locations may vary based on events & posted at front desk)

***Denotes Senior Level Fitness Classes Offered

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H2O Fitness/Deep H2O/H2O Combo 
Move and groove in the water for a great, highly motivated cardio class. Deep H2O classes are held in the deep end of the pool and offer additional intensity. All fitness levels.

H2O Senior ***
This class is designed for seniors looking for an exercise program with the benefits of an aqua class. Cardio and body toning provide a safe and fun overall body workout.

Hydro HIIT
Make waves in this high energy aqua fitness class. Offering the benefits of a high intensity interval training class in the water- bursts of increased exertion levels followed by short bouts of rest. A great way to maximize your efforts in the water while burning calories, increasing heart rate, and toning the muscles without the pounding of the pavement. 

This “personal party in the pool” allows you the benefit of working out on your own in the pool. An instructor is there to help you with workout ideas, or you can bring your own choreography for a fun workout!

Cycling Room Classes
(Class locations may vary based on events & posted at front desk)

***Denotes Senior Level Fitness Classes Offered

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This indoor cycling class is designed for beginners through experienced riders. It is great for the fitness enthusiast who wants a fast-paced, high-energy class.

Cycles, Strength, Core (CSC)
This new format for the early morning cycling class will take riders on a fitness journey towards achieving their goals! The M-W rides combine dynamic Cardio intervals, off the bike strength training, and core stability. Participants will be coached to improve overall strength and conditioning in one group fitness class!