Senior-Level Fitness

Individuals can join group fitness classes at any time during the month until classes are filled.

  • Members $7/month or $20 for 4-month session for unlimited classes
  • Non-Members $35/month unlimited classes or $130 for 4-month session, unlimited classes

How to Register: Sign up at the Welcome Desk

Barre TRX New! Sept 1
Barre TRX brings exercises from group fitness into the mind/body experience by fusing exercises from ballet, TRX, Pilates, and yoga into one class to challenge and tone the entire body. This blended class combines the practice of strength and control to create a class that improves body awareness, flexibility, and stabilization.

"No Floor" Yoga New!
"This 40-minute yoga class uses seated and standing positions and chair support to increase flexibility, range of motion, muscular endurance, balance, and mobility. Participants will increase their total-body awareness through guided imagery and restorative breathing techniques that promote relaxation and mental clarity. Closed toe shoes are required for safety purposes. This class is suitable for all fitness levels

Tai-chi New!
Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for health and body originating in ancient China. The essential principles include mind integrated with the body and control of movements and breathing. Tai Chi can be a moving meditation as well as an integral exercise for all parts of the body and mind. It offers tranquility, may help you think more clearly, and improve your balance. We will be offering Sun style Tai Chi here at the W.

Forever Strong New! Sept 1
This class will tone your muscles and increase your strength with a focus on core and postural awareness. Exercises and principles from yoga, Pilates, and TRX will be used, as well as a variety of other equipment. This class is for all fitness levels.

Low-Impact Combo
This class is designed for the older individual who prefers to work at a lower intensity and/or the participant who is just getting started in an exercise program.

Senior Body Toning
Tone your muscles and increase your strength while using a variety of equipment. Participants will leave class feeling great, knowing they are creating a toned body! This class is for all fitness levels.

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Yoga Stretch Testimonial-Click Here
Yoga Stretch is for the individual who desires the flexibility, mental imagery, and relaxation most commonly associated with yoga.
H2O Senior
This class is designed for seniors looking for an exercise program with the benefits of an aqua class. Cardio and body toning provide a safe and fun overall body workout.
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Forever Fit
This class is designed for the individual who needs extra attention when it comes to exercise. Participants will work all body parts while comfortably seated in a chair. Let us take you through a gentle yet energetic workout to help increase your overall health!

This all ages program meets Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m.-9 a.m., for walking and weekly blood pressure checks. Twice-a-month educational briefings focus on senior-related health concerns. $10 a month.




Specialty Classes:

TRX Gold (5 weeks)
TRX training uses a suspension trainer and steps to help improve
your balance, coordination, posture, muscle tone, and overall body
strength. The training — which uses your body weight as resistance
— was designed to meet the needs of top athletes, but TRX Gold will
meet you at your skill level.


Days/Time: Tuesday/Thursday, 9:50-10:40 a.m.
Fee: $38 member, $50 guest
How to register: At Welcome Desk



Refund Policy To keep things fair to all participants, each withdrawal from a program will be assessed a $5 processing fee whether a refund check is issued or credit is put on an account. There will be no transfers. Any changes will be treated as a refund, and participants must re-register for the desired class. The refund may be requested by the deadline date of each class. If a deadline is not noted, it will be seven calendar days prior to program start date.
No refunds will be given following the registration deadline. Each program's deadline is indicated in the brochure. If a deadline date is not indicated, it will be seven calendar days prior to the program start date.
Medical: If a medical problem arises during the activity/class, a physician's written excuse must be presented stating that participation is restricted. In the case of a medical excuse, a percentage of whatever class time remains will be refunded.
W cancellations: If the program/activity is canceled by the department, you will have the choice of a full refund issued to your account or a refund check issued to the person who paid for the enrollment.

Updated 8.17.16